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08-Nov-2017 21:03

Mowatt Financial Planning director Will Mowatt has followed the debate on partial defined benefit transfers with interest.

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General Accident gave him the chance to sample life in France in 1993, but the firm’s French subsidiary had nowhere near the presence the brand had here and Mowatt returned to the UK business in 1996 as European marketing manager.His distinction between advice and planning means his business appeals to both types and makes it clear the firm can help in either case.Mowatt is no stranger to the subtleties of marketing; prior to setting up Mowatt Financial Planning in 2009, his last job title was director of marketing at Norwich Union.We knew the RDR was coming and I saw that as meaning I could start with a clean sheet of paper. When I left Norwich Union I had the time to do the exams.

Having qualified as an actuary I had some credits but I still had to build up my qualifications,” he says.

However, he believes more work needs to be done on charges.