When your ex starts dating someone else im 21 dating 15 year old

01-May-2018 21:52

Focus on you, get behind yourself and know your value. I thought it was because of me but I just realized why. Thanks for the reminder and support I needed in this post. It really is crazy how much time I/we spend obsessing about some chic I/we don’t even know. Your insights are like some kind of guru for gals……are so gifted!

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If he was f*cked up when you were with him and he’s gone and started dating someone else, that means that he hasn’t changed.

So, that “special relationship” that you think he has with her? There’s just something about her that allows him to believe that he can continue being himself and if you’re envious of a chick that is going to respond to his niceties at first and that he will eventually show his true colors to, there’s absolutely no need to be jealous of her!