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20-Sep-2017 22:48

My response tends to go along these lines: So let me get this right: You want to start dating but you don’t want it to progress into a committed relationship because you like your life too much / you’re emotionally unavailable and basically not over your ex or your past / you’re busier than a president or prime minister / you have difficulty trusting people / you need to get laid / you basically don’t like your own company so are looking for somebody else to give you special, my reticence about being emotionally available and committing will disappear”.

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting a relationship.

If this weren’t an office where people hang out outside of work, you could simply say, “No, thank you.

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That’s your litmus test: if somebody came to you with proposition, would you be happy with it?

I also drive him and another colleague home after work and he continuously asks to hang out, which is a nice gesture but I would rather do other things with my time, but there are only so many times I can be noncommittal.

When I am unable to drive him home from work, he still walks me to my car. I am getting the romantic vibe, yet I am not attracted to him.

This is your problem: “There are only so many times I can be noncommittal.” When someone isn’t getting hints, you need to be direct, not noncommittal.

This is especially true in cases where someone is romantically interested in you and you’re wondering why he hasn’t gotten the message — it’s because you haven’t told him.People (especially women) often try to lighten their “no” because they feel rude.